Seven Special Posts

~ … and a special piece of music  ~

My very dear blogging friend Kristina @ Spabettie has just tagged me with this fancy thing that is currently going around the blog world: seven special posts. I love that idea because what is old(er) can still be good and should not be forgotten, so here we go!


For me, my most beautiful post definitely was the one To My Granddad who died in 2010.


The post that got the most views so far is the one about An Eating Odyssey.


The only post I got a really nasty comment on is the one I made on Food Dogmatism and Ideologically Motivated Eating: One commenter accused me of feeling superior to vegetarians and vegans (wtf?! ) – well, I guess she did not read what I wrote, or not everything of it. I certainly was critical about vegans who practice veganism as a kind of semi-religious ideology, as well as I was critical about Paleo-eaters who are swollen with pride from their attitude of evolutionary superiority. I just wanted to state that people should be more respectful mutually about how others eat, and that food choices should not be motivated by any kind of dogmatic mindset.


I think many people found my post about (Not) Fitting In particularly helpful. In the comment section, it seemed that quite a lot of them found this post to be speaking from their heart in some way.


I had never thought that my whining about how I am often On the Rocks and struggling money-wise would elicit so much compassion and support. Thank you all for that!


Okay, this one was my first recipe post, but it was at the top of my poultry recipe list since the very early days of my blog, and it still got ignored. This post definitely deserves more attention, because the Chicken with Chinese Cabbage and Redcurrants was a really yummy, pretty, and fancy little dish (and I cannot say it often enough: substitute salmon or tofu or eggs or whatever you like if you are not a fan of chicken )!

Apart from that, I am still waiting for my Carrot Tagliatelle to take the blog world with a vengeance.


Hm, I think this would be the post about The Development of Addiction in which I write about the physiological and psychological processes that lead to addiction, and draw some consequences from that with regard to sugar addiction and eating disorder recovery, especially putting the hypothesis that eating disorders, even if they look alike at the surface, should be treated differentially, depending on whether there is an underlying addiction to sugar / carbohydrates or not.


… for these wonderful people:

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39 responses to “Seven Special Posts

  1. Very interesting! Since we “met” relatively recent, I have missed a lot of your older postings, the one where you struggled with money hit a cord with me, though my husband and I both make a decent amount of income, with the economic downturn, I often feel like we are stretching ourselves… This is actually the reason why I started cooking and he agreed to eat my cooking (haha!). This year for our family vacation, we did it fairly cheaply and REALLY enjoyed ourselves, so money certainly does not equal happiness!

  2. Ahhh! I got tagged! I’ll try to do it later this week then :)

    I’m looking forward to reading all of these older posts, as I don’t think I’ve read any of them yet :)

    • Yes, you got tagged! :D Don’t stress yourself with it, though! ;)

      That’s very kind that you want to read those older posts. I don’t expect that, but if your have time for reading them, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. :)

  3. I love the carrot tagliatelle idea, I just can’t do it with my peeler right now. BUT: I’d way rather eat “pasta” of carrots and zucchini than wheat-based starchiness… so I think that’s genius! Don’t worry!

  4. Hi Kath,
    I’m a new reader, so I enjoyed reading these links. Thank you for sharing.
    I agree – your carrot tagiatelle will take the blogosphere by storm! I want to try it soon, but I have one question – when you add the chopped chicken to the pan, is it raw, or already cooked?

    • Hi Jennie, thank you so much for reading and commenting! :D I’ll visit your blog soon as well!

      I usually add raw chicken to the pan, but I cut it into bite-sized pieces and cook everything covered for a few minutes, so everything is done then. :) You could also stir in some pre-cooked chicken or something else directly before serving.

  5. Jos

    Aah I got tagged now I have some homework to do..haha :P Thanks for tagging me.

  6. ha – I took that “if you are not a fan of chicken” as a personal message ;) I will look at that recipe, it IS beautiful and sounds great – currants? yes please! and that carrot tagliatelle, I agree, it needs to be viral. :D

    I’m off to read your seven special posts now… <3

    • It wasn’t personal at all! QUITE A LOT OF MY BLOGGING FRIENDS DON’T EAT CHICKEN because they are vegetarians or vegans or have bird phobia or just don’t like the taste. You know I *love* chicken, so perhaps I should call my recipes “chicken (or something else) with …” from now on. ;) Most of my recipes are of the kind that you can switch ingredients easily anyway.

  7. Allie

    Great links! I really loved the one to your Grandad :)

  8. The post about your grandpa is definitely a beautiful one. Definitely a cute one then and now too :)

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog:) This was a great day to get to know you. Fun.

  10. Hi Kath!!! It was so nice to see your comment on my blog today. This is a great post for me to get caught up with what’s happening in your world again!

  11. It’s funny when I put up a post I think is really interesting and it doesn’t necesarily ‘take’, or I put up one that’s really just a quick filler that I’m not too proud of and it gets heaps of hits! Thanks for your list of posts and your reasons for posting them!

  12. That huffy vegan who derailed you was probably low in B12 vitamin…I really dislike ignorant, negligent comments like that. At least read the post so you can derogate it properly!

    I’m really enjoying these blog tags…I feel like bloggers come up with such constantly awesome posts that they can get buried. It’s nice to remember or discover old/new posts. :-)

  13. Hi Kath! I just got the same 7 post challenge too, and trying to see if I can come up with 7. I didn’t know some of your posts, so it was nice to read them this time. Looking at these list, I realized you have a diverse topic compared to mine (just simply recipe). It’s really fun to read different topics sometimes to get interests from readers. Very nice 7 choices!

  14. Hi kath – thanks for the tag – will have to do this when I have a bit of time – sounds like fun. I will also have to return and check out your posts – though I think I remember quite a few of this top seven!

    I also wanted to let you know that the dried wild garlic has arrived – thanks for sending it – am very excited to try using it in my cooking. (BTW customs opened it which may have delayed it but they let it through – phew!)

    • I tagged you because I thought you might like the idea … Somehow, I got the impression you might like it, by I’ve come to know you from your blog. :)

      I’m so happy the spice has arrived! I sent something to another blogging friend in Australia, and it never arrived. :( But crazy that they opened it! 8O Maybe they thought it might be cannabis in disguise. :D

      • I have finally done this meme – and you are right that I did enjoy it – thanks again for the tag

        As for the wild garlic and customs – because we are an island without a lot of the diseases on other countries, our customs are very careful about checking wood, seeds, nuts, food etc But I think if it is in sealed packaging they will let it through – v frustrating

  15. I am going to do the seven special posts tomorrow :) I also just nominated you for a bloggy award, so you have homework as well!

    I have one post that really angered someone and made me quite upset and sad for a day or so :( I will share it tomorrow!

  16. How fun that I actually *remember*… I think… ALL of these! It’s nice to have been reading from the earliest days. :D Great post, Kath! Looking forward to the controversy post… (just ’cause I’m curious, but also sorry you had to go through that!)

  17. Pingback: Extreme Balance » Blog Archive » Day 46: 7 Posts. Kinda.

  18. I loved your ‘most beautiful’ post! It was a great and very touching tribute :) The pictures were beautiful!

  19. I am on this… promise to get it done within the week. And one thing I loved was re-reading your most controversial post…see my comment there…but GET OVER YOURSELF! One aspect of maturity….don’t take things so personally. Wow

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