Christmas, Not Quite As Planned.

When I look back at 2013 with all its unsettlement and unforeseen strains and social rejection, I really should not be surprised that also Christmas is not going to be as it should be this year. Not only am I going to visit my family alone because Peter has to catch up on a lot of work and we will not visit his mom until some issues have been resolved, but also our apartment is current being a chaos again, since Peter got his remaining things from his former shared apartment last weekend.

Christmas tree in the middle of chaos

However, we do have a tiny Christmas tree – fake, but hey, it has straw stars and lights! biggrin

Christmas tree

Later today we want to move Peter’s old kitchen cupboard (which is finally here now) from the corridor into the kitchen. This means we will have to clear out and move one of the shelves, so we will be busy for the afternoon. Since Christmas is already celebrated on December 24th in Germany, this is not how you would expect it to be.

kitchen cupboard

At least our two house rats, who have recently accompanied us, are having fun indulging in the remaining chocolates. Sniffy (the grey one) is actually quite well-behaved, but Nougat (the brown one) has a completely hedonic character, so you will find him either looking out for chocolate, munching on chocolate, occupying the pillow in the bed snoring loudly when you want to go to sleep, or scratching his back against Peter’s arm or head when Peter wants to do other things. We are a little concerned that his ways might gradually spill over on Sniffy.

rats with chocolate

~ Sniffy and Nougat indulging in chocolate ~

Anyway, I wish you all beautiful and stress-free holidays! Merry Christmas to all of you!

christmas smiley

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22 responses to “Christmas, Not Quite As Planned.

  1. I’m glad you have enjoyed your Christmas (which is exactly as it is) and will have more time with your family. I am just studying my menu and thinking about straightening the house before guests come for dinner tomorrow. xxoo

    • You’re right, it is as it is. At least I didn’t have to do any dinner considerations. ;) I have been eating as usual, and hubby lived on sandwiches as he was puttering around all day and wasn’t in the mental state to spend a thought on having a cooked meal.

  2. Gel

    Yes you two have had quite a first year together. Pretty rocky from other people and circumstances but it sounds solid between you two. And that is a blessing.

    I love the tree…it fits, it saved a real tree (?). I see that you have a sense of humor through all the upheaval. Your housemates (sniffy and nougat) are so cute. You had me going there at first…thinking you had real rats.

    I love the cupboard.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life. I hope the love between you and Peter shines through all the turbulence and that 2014 is much more peaceful and fun.

    • Pretty rocky, that sums it up very well! But between the two of us there never was a question mark. That’s one of the things telling me that this is it. :) We also have humurous moments every day, that’s very important.

      The little tree has probably saved a real tree, although I don’t think we’d have gotten one this year. In general though, I like to have something tree-like for Christmas! This tiny plastic tree completely satisfies this need because (1) it looks like a tree, (2) it has lights, and (3) it has some kind of nice decoration. Plus, it doesn’t lose its needles and can easily be dug out again next year. So I’m sure it will be reused. :)

      No need to worry about the rats! Although they *can* be quite the plague … ;)

  3. Dear sweet Kath,
    Wishing you and P a safe, peaceful, joy filled Christmas, with some fun and laughter. I thank you for all your heart filled posts through out 2013, I relate to some things really well, although I don’t have a man…got my ‘fer-babies’….they love me..I do miss my partner who passed away some years ago …lol
    Love Ziggy

  4. Dear Kath,

    I hope you are well. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. That’s ok. It’s the surprises that keep life interesting, right? :) Happy Holidays!

  6. dee

    Merry Christmas Kath. :)

    I am hoping that things get more smooth come 2014. (hugs)

    ps. I love your tree! ;)

  7. safe travels home friend. 2014 will be a healing year. xxoo

  8. I hope you have a lovely time with your family and that things settle down for you in the New Year! Christmas blessings Kath!

  9. Merry Christmas Kath, sorry for the late comment, the holiday family/friends events got the best of me…

  10. sounds like interesting times – that dresser is very homey and the rats look so cute. belated happy christmas and best wishes for 2014 – hope you had a nice time with family and that you and peter were able to enjoy some christmas celebrations together with your lovely wee christmas tree

    • Thank you, Johanna! I hope you and your family have a good start into the new year! :)

      No Christmas with parents this year … :( I’ve decided to visit them in January with more time. Looking forward to that! :D

  11. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I didn’t know you celebrate on the 24th in Germany. Why is that? I hope you can clear through the clutter soon and get back to your serene surroundings!!!

    • I’m not sure actually! I just know that Germans start celebrating Christmas in the afternoon of December 24th (which is not a holiday, shops are usually open until midday or early afternoon, and then the 25th and 26th are regular holidays). Usually families gather in the afternoon, have some tea / coffee and stollen or other sweets, go to church together, and eat dinner afterwards. Presents are also given on the 24th already.

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