Roasted Nut Chocolates

Christmas chocs

Every year in winter, I make chocolates. It all goes back to a “how to make chocolates”-workshop which I attented by the end of my schooldays – it was a birthday present from friends of my parents. At the workshop, people learned how to make fancy chocolates with different fillings, and afterwards you could take the chocolates you made home with you. In that year, the chocolates made beautiful Christmas presents for my family.

When I moved out of home to start studies, I used to live in very small apartments most of the time, and did not have an oven for baking. This meant I could not bake Christmas cookies. However, the chocolates came to my mind again, and since then, it has become a ritual to make chocolates which only afford very little equipment and are easy to make – at least the ones I make, but of course you can dive into elaborate chocolate production, if you like that.

Nowadays, I still make chocolates, and this year’s chocolate production was opened with these roasted almond and walnut chocolates. I used dark chocolate so they are vegan, but you can also use milk or white chocolate, or other kinds of nuts. Instead of whole nuts, also chopped or sliced nuts, coconut flakes, dried cranberries, or corn flakes work well. Just try around. smiling

nut chocs


hungry about 30 to 40 chocolates – vegan / gluten-free


  • 200 g (7 oz) whole nuts (I used almonds and walnuts)
  • 150 g (5 oz) dark chocolate


Pour some water into a pan and heat it up. Break the chocolate into pieces and put them into a bowl, then carefully place the bowl in the pan to let it melt. Be careful that the chocolate does not get into contact with the water, otherwise it will not dry so well.

In a second pan, roast the nuts without added oil. Stir constantly to prevent them from burning. The nuts are ready when they are slightly browned and fragrant.

nut choc production

Mix the roasted nuts with the melted chocolate. Stir until all nuts are evenly coated with chocolate.

nut choc production

Line a baking sheet or a large chopping board with paper. Use two teaspoons to make small heaps of chocolate and nuts until the mass is used up.

nut choc production

Leave the chocolates to dry. In winter, I like to put them outside on the balcony where they cool down very quickly. Finally, pluck the chocolates from the paper and enjoy. Store leftover chocolates in an airtight container in the fridge.

nut choc production

Here are some more combinations to try:

  • white chocolate and cranberries
  • white chocolate and coconut flakes
  • white chocolate and chopped cashews
  • milk chocolate and sliced almonds
  • milk chocolate and peanuts
  • milk chocolate and corn flakes
  • dark chocolate and hazelnuts
  • dark chocolate and rum raisins

Which ones would you like? Do you have any more ideas?

I love chocolate

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21 responses to “Roasted Nut Chocolates

  1. These look so good. I love the dark chocolate and almond combination.

  2. I need these for breakfast! :)

  3. These are beautiful! I love making chocolates! I was thinking about making chocolate covered popcorn for the boys soon. I think they would go crazy for it.

  4. Gel

    These look so yummy! I like the simplicity of how you make them. I have a way to make chocolates but it is more complicated. My way uses cocoa powder and coconut oil and cocoa butter. While it is complicated, it gives me the control over how much and what kind of sweetener I use. I’ve made some with only a touch of honey and some stevia. But for gift making your method is best. Faster and most people will be happy with that type of chocolate (i’m assuming dark chocolate with a little sugar?)

    Of those variations you listed I’d like the chocolate almonds best. If I were to add to the list I’d like to try using goji berries. OR – I wonder what it would be like to add valerian flower glycerite (non-alcohol tincture) to it…..I have some that I made and it has a lovely unique flavor that is delicate. I always have pleasant dreams when I take valerian flower tincture. It is different the sedative quality of the valerian ROOT tinctures that people use to get to sleep.

    I also think the subtle flavor of violet flowers might be nice with chocolate.

    While I don’t eat these kind of chocolate treats much myself, it is really fun to make them for gifts for others. (OK I do love chocolates and I keep eating them to a very few on special occasions). :-)


    • Oooooohhh, so you make the chocolate yourself? That sounds awesome! :D

      I’ve used 70 % dark chocolate. It still has a bit of sugar. But Lindt for example has a 99 % cocoa chocolate (which tastes surprisingly good!), that one has almost no sugar. I’ve even seen 100 % cocoa chocolate once, without any added sugar, but it was from an organic brand and handmade and very expensive.

      Your suggestions sound interesting! Too bad I’ve used up my goji berries by now. :( But I love the idea of violet flavors. :)

  5. Yummmmmy! I love homemade gifts, especially edible ones!

    • Thank you, Dayna! I totally agree about handmade gifts! With edible ones, it’s a nice side effect that they disappear until next Christmas, so you can give something like that again. ;)

  6. Hey there Kath,
    They look lovely, I think it’s so nice to receive a gift that is hand made. I’m not into chocolate myself…do you eat it or is it a gift for those you care about?……lol
    Sending kind, gentle thoughts to you , love Ziggy

    • I have my ons and offs with chocolate. There are times when I like to eat some dark chocolate, and then times again when I don’t have an appetite for it. Currently I don’t, but that may change again. :)

  7. wow this is impressive – your chocolate looks perfect – the course and your practice has paid off well. one of my dad’s favourite chocolates was one with honeycomb in it so that is a combination that I think is a great gift. I have made honeycomb at home once and it was ok but I think I really need some practice

    • Thank you, Johanna! They are far less impressive than yours, though! ;) I actually wanted to link to your chocolates post but couldn’t find it on your blog anymore. :(

      Honeycombs sound fancy. I had no idea you can use them to make chocolates!

  8. Kath these look delicious! What a perfect Christmas present. :) It’s thoughtful and also budget-friendly.

  9. Kath, I will make some of those chocolates (maybe with walnuts?) this evening. It looks like a sort of meditative task and I really need this in my life right now!

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